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Music is considered as one of the most magical things on earth. It has the ability to make people relax when they are listening to it or bounce to its beat.

Earphones are the best device to use to listen to music without disturbing anyone else in the area. It’s the perfect option to music while traveling, working and even when bored.

Regardless whether you use your earphones a little or a lot, they are destined to get quite filthy or rusty. That’s why you really need to clean your earphones as frequently as possible.

Here are our 5 best ways to clean your earphones:

1) The simple easy way. Get some soap and warm water. Gently apply some soap and scrub it. Don’t forget to clean the wire as well. Don’t use excess water as you may damage the speakers.

2) If the soapy water doesn’t work another alternative is taking apart the ear-peices and using a tooth pick, tooth brush or Q-tip to scratch out the filth.

3) Hoover the gunk out. You will need to connect the smaller piece to the end in order to get a more concentrated force.

4) This one is RISKY. Be warned. You can scrub the earphones with a lot of water and then (DO NOT PLUG IT IN) let it soak in rice for a few days. The rice will suck all the liquid out. If you plug the eaphones in before they’re completely try you run the risk of damaging the speakers.

5) See if your earphones come with replaceable parts. Many of the higher brand earphones can be replaced quite easily.

Do you have any other tips on how to clean earphones. Feel free to drop your ideas into the comments below.

Are you looking for earphones. Take a look at the earphones that we carry:

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