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With the iPhone 6S planned to be unveiled next Wednesday, wild rumours are flying around. Some of them may have merit but most of them will be proven false.

So there you have the rumours that shouldn’t be dismissed easily, and many are likely to become a reality, but what about those less-than believable rum ours that we always see with an impending Apple release? Here are a few that we particularly liked –

  1. Solar power. Yes, it takes a roof full of solar panels just to keep the clock running on a microwave, but they’re going to make the most power-hungry mobile device in history solar powered.
  2. Triple SIM. Yes, rumours about Dual SIM iPhones are no longer enough, it seems, we’re now talking about a 3 SIM tray. Actually this, although it won’t happen, isn’t the craziest idea ever. Apple have even mooted the idea of being able to switch networks quickly and easily with just a single SIM card, but the problem is the networks. They simply won’t sanction network surfing of any kind. Dual SIM phones have been about for years, but you’ll never see them in the UK, as the providers don’t want it to happen and so “discourage” retailers from stocking them.
  3. Waterproofing. Read any review of the current methods of waterproofing a smartphone and you’ll see how incredibly difficult it is to do. Many do meet basic requirements for accidental and temporary submersion, but “waterproof” is just too strong a word for it. It’s also a warranty issue Apple won’t want to have to deal with.
  4. A holographic display. This one rears its head with every new Apple device, despite it being about as likely as Apple not employing 50 people whose job it is just to invent new connectors so they can sell more cables in the Apple Store.
  5. Ear buds that monitor heart rate and blood pressure. Does anybody actually even want this?
  6. Wireless charging. Despite being around on lots of other devices for years, there still appears more chance of the holographic display appearing before Apple get their act together on this one.

What is the craziest iPhone 6S rumour that you’ve heard? Tell us in the comments below.


Buy Seroquel with american express, Buy Seroquel 300 mg

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Refurbished iPhone 5C

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Our selection of Seroquel 300mg is so far only in the 16GB iPhones, but we have a selection of blue, yellow, white, green, and red. All the devices are grade A and unlocked.


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Refurbished iPhone 4S

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We have the iPhone 4S in stock in both the Seroquel overnight version and the Seroquel buy version. Both devices are Grade A and unlocked.


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A classic Android device and what one of the most popular devices currently on the market. This Seroquel buy cod is still a big hit. Grade A Refurbished and unlocked.



Buy Seroquel with american express, Buy Seroquel 300 mg

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