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Max’s Deals is proud to present the iPhone 6 Plus in Grade A condition. It is unlocked to all GSM networks and will be a great asset for you!

As will all of our iPhones, it has been tested by technicians and is in Grade A condition.

Available in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB in Gold, Silver as well as Space Grey.

Included with this iPhone 6 Plus is our Max’s Deals 90-day complete Return Policy, no questions asked.

Unlocked. Works Worldwide. This iPhone 6 plus works with all Sim Cards.

This phone comes with a USB wire, Sim tray tool and white gift box.

Seroquel 300mg
SKU: IPH-6P Categories: prezzo Seroquel, Seroquel overnight

Apple’s first foray into the world of “phablets” has turned out to be a beauty. Despite concerns that they were overstepping their own self-imposed boundaries, the iPhone 6 Plus was an instant hit. Old and new Apple users marveled at how glorious the extra size made the display. The iPhone 6 Plus is big enough to be truly useful as a work tool, but small enough to be easily carried. It doesn’t feel like lugging another laptop around, as is often the case with larger smartphones. Here is a device that has helped to push smartphones into new territory and terrified the competition.

Apple have opened up a whole new world of big and bold devices with the iPhone 6 Plus. They have also done it in an incredibly elegant way, without just making everything bigger and hoping for the best

It’s All About The Base

No trouble…

The iPhone 6 Plus impressed immediately, but could only be destined for success if Apple got the basics right. So that’s exactly what they did. The company just went with the they already knew worked Instead of trying to create a whole new device . If a wheel doesn’t need reinventing, why reinvent it? Sticking closely to the ethos and technical capabilities of the standard iPhone 6, they already had the makings of a classic. With the extra room in the case, they increased the battery size and other things without compromising the weight.

The release of the iPhone 6 Plus (and standard 6) has brought the introduction of Apple’s first Full HD display, with a 1920×1080 resolution. This major change is all protected by Ion-strengthened glass and a fingerprint rejecting oleophobic coating. However good Apple displays might have been before, this brings a whole new level of graphics glory.

The extra internal space also allowed Apple to up the power quite significantly. With a 2915mAh battery that brings 24 hours of talk time or 16 days of standby, all day means just that. No, that’s not a typo, you can chat for a whole day with the iPhone 6 Plus.

Lights, Camera, Action

The new 8MP camera included in the iPhone 6 Plus has a brand new phase-detection auto-focus system. This makes focusing faster and more accurate than ever. With dual-LED flash and Optical Image Stabilization, taking pictures in dark conditions was never so easy. The camera also has Geo-tagging, face detection and HDR capability. Video is captured at a full 60 frames per second in 1080p Full HD quality.

The Facetime front camera is 1.2MP, and can capture video in 720p HD resolution. Apple designed the camera especially for the best video-calling experience yet, the front camera is also very selfie-orientated.

Stay Connected

The iPhone 6 Plus is compatible with all 4G GSM networks worldwide. It also brings 3G fallback for countries which still haven’t moved fully towards providing 4G coverage. There’s Wi-Fi up to the latest ac speeds, Bluetooth 4 and A-GPS with GLONASS for fast and accurate location services. NFC provides Apple Pay for easy payments on the run.

Apple also included their renowned Fingerprint Sensor for locking or unlocking the phone. Designed for more than just unlocking the phone though, the sensor is also designed for app use. Developers are increasingly utilizing fingerprint technology for use in such apps as PayPal and online banking.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Although larger (obviously) than most smartphones, and using it one handed is a stretch, the iPhone 6 Plus is not so big that carrying or using it is any kind of hindrance. Any adjustments that need to be made can be quickly adapted to, and it is worth it. The extra flexibility the larger size profile brings lifts the iPhone 6 Plus out of the pack. Despite that extra size, Apple have somehow manages to keep the weight to just 170g. This just a handful of grams heavier than most other top-line devices.

Apple designed the iPhone 6 Plus is big on features and big on versatility, and it succeeds on both counts. By sticking to methods they know works, the iPhone 6 Plus is a big device, in a big market and will be a big winner.

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