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refurbished iphone 5c all colors
Unlocked iPhone 5C – Refurbished Grade A
December 7, 2014
Refurbished iPhone 5 White and Black.
Unlocked iPhone 5 – Refurbished Grade A
July 3, 2015

Where can i buy viagra cheap online, Can you buy viagra over the counter in florida


Unlocked Apple iPhone 4S in Grade A, near-perfect condition. A great iPhone for yourself and/or a fantastic gift for a friend.

These iPhones are in Grade A condition. All of these iPhones have all been tested by professionals and are perfect working order and shape. The iPhones comes with generic Apple packaging and a USB wire.

Grade A+ Refurbished and Unlocked iPhone 4S

This iPhone 4S comes with our Max’s Deals 90-day complete Return Policy, no questions asked.

Works International. The iPhone works with all GSM Sim Cards.



SKU: IPH-4S Categories: ,

About this Refurbished Grade A – Unlocked iPhone 4S

Have you ever wondered what refurbished grade A symbolizes? It means that these phones were previously used but were individually tested by certified professionals and found to be in excelent condition. They are all in full working order, as you would expect from any device you purchase.

As with all our devices on Max’s Deals, the iPhone 4s’ are fully GSM unlocked and SIM free. It will work with all all SIM cards in the UK and worldwide including Vodafone, Tesco, O2, T-Mobile, Orange, Giffgaff, EE, Virgin, and Three (3)

Included with this iPhone sale is our 90 days Max’s Deals warranty. See below for more information on this aspect.

Highlights of the Refurbished iPhone 4s

Of course, let us get right into it. This phone is an unbelievable one, as all other iPhones. They have fully earned our loyalty and respect. As always, Siri will be on hand with this device to answer all the questions you may want to ask her. So take her as a given.

Here are a few of the specs that this brilliant iPhone includes:

  • Dual core A5 ship
  • 1080p HD videos and state-of-the-art 8 Megapixel camera
  • iCloud

iPhone 4s Package Contents

Buying this Apple iPhone 4s will give you both a device in like-new condition as well as an Apple USB wire to connect and charge it. It will ship in a white gift box.

What people are saying about the iPhone 4S

Whenever we list a deal on our website we usually scour through all the other websites and review websites first. That is to see what the buyers have to say about the product. Below is the consensus of the reviews.

Most reviewers loved the sturdiness and toughness of the iPhone 4s. That is especially true in contrast with the later models which are far skinnier and longer (and aren’t prone to “iphone-gate”).

The functionality of the iPhone 4S in comparison to the android devices released about the same times is a strong theme across all the reviews. Being that the iPhone 4s is an Apple product, the access to the huge array of apps available on the App Store was another very favorable element.

The primary complaint that we noticed on the other websites was the asking price for the iPhone 4S. That is something that we have tried our best to remedy.

Also, the more recent iPhones with better features comes up a lot. But for an unlocked smartphone in this price bracket, this iPhone comes up as a real winner.

iPhone 4S warranty

Max’s Deals offers an amazing 90 days warranty, no questions asked.

If, for any reason, you choose to return this device, we will respect your wishes and credit you with a complete refund of your payment. If you have any questions regarding our return policy and money-back guarantees, please feel free to reach out to our helpful customer service.

Additional information
Weight 0.14 kg
Dimensions 11.52 × 5.86 × 0.93 cm



, ,

Camera Resolution

8 MP

Operating System

iOS 5, upgradable to iOS 9.3.5

Resolution Size

640 x 960 pixels

Screen Size

3.5 inches