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Max’s Deals have a limited supply of refurbished iPhone 6 that are Grade A Refurbished and unlocked. The iPhone 6’s are in almost mint condition and are an incredible gift for yourself, your family or friends.

The iPhone 6 is available in rose gold, space grey, and silver, and is covered by our Max’s Deals 90-day Return Policy.

Unlocked. Works International. The iPhone works with all GSM Sim Cards

Limited supply. This deal is only while stock lasts. Max’s Deals can not guarantee this discount in the future.

buy pharmacy Seroquel waterview if you have any questions.

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SKU: IPH-6 Categories: Seroquel toronto, prescription Seroquel

The refurbished iPhone 6 lived up to the even larger than normal pre-sale hype. And then some. Apple use a set formula of evolution over revolution, and the iPhone 6 follows this path. It pushes the bounds of that definition somewhat, but an iPhone it most certainly is.

The iPhone 6 was the biggest leap yet in terms of technology upgrades from the previous models. As a result, there were doubts that Apple could pull it off. It turned out, like we had any real doubts anyway, that the worry was uncalled for. Apple have produced a smartphone that is a stunning piece of technical brilliance. That it has gone on to become one of the biggest selling mobile devices of all time confirms this brilliance.

Processing Power

Modern mobile operating systems are complex things, far more so than the relatively simple software setups of even the first Android or iOS releases. As hardware evolves, so app designers exploit the extra power, producing a reverse chicken and egg paradox. Does software use the power available, or do processors have to work harder to meet software demands? The iPhone 6, fortunately, makes this a moot point.

The iPhone 6 has been given a brand new, 64bit A8 processor. This means improved general CPU performance from previous models by up to 25% . Racing through tasks at this speed is breathtaking… In addition. there has even been up to a 50% improvement on graphics performance. Apple have, despite this also managed to squeeze remarkable life from the relatively slim 1810 mAh battery.

The display is Apple’s new IPS LCD backlit version, protected by both Ion-strengthened glass and an oleophobic coating which repels finger marks to keep it nice and clean.

Just to emphasise how great the iPhone 6 is inside, Apple have made it almost identical to the larger, phablet-sized iPhone 6+. Tablets and larger devices usually have much greater power under the bonnet, so the fact that Apple have managed to cram it all into the smaller case of the standard iPhone 6 is incredible.

Lights, Cameras, Action

Apple smartphones have long been praised for the quality of the images produced by their cameras. The iPhone 6 produces stellar quality images from a bunch of clearly high quality pixels. The phone does this using fewer, and therefore bigger, pixels than the competition. The 8MP iSight rear camera has a brand new sensor with improved focus, face detection and built in image stabilisation. Video is captured at 1080p Full HD resolution, and can be recorded at up to 240 frames per second, meaning superb slow-motion action shots. There is also a dual LED flash for when you really need the light.

The 1.2MP front camera has also seen a significant upgrade in both hardware and software, to improve Facetime chats. Apples’s focus where the front camera is concerned, has always been about making it fit for purpose. With the front camera of the iPhone 6 they may have limited the megapixel count, but the results achieved go way beyond what you might expect.

The Fingerprint Sensor

For the first time, Apple have included a fingerprint sensor. It may sound like a little thing, but it makes unlocking and locking the phone much simpler. App designers are starting to incorporate the use of fingerprints sensors into their apps when logging on. These include companies like PayPal and most of the banks, where the reading of a fingerprint provides extra security. And let’s face it, you’re unlikely to forget your fingerprint!

You  soon get used to the act of using the sensor, quickly realising how useful it is. In no time unlocking your phone becomes almost instinctive and natural. It really is the type of thing you wonder how you managed without.

Connect 4

Connect everything, actually. Bluetooth 4, A-GPS for unparalleled location accuracy, Apple Pay via Near Field Communications (NFC) and dual band Wi-Fi up to 802.11 ac speeds. There’s also a built in hotspot for tethering and connection sharing with family or friends.

Of course, the iPhone is compatible with all major GSM mobile networks on both 4G and 3G, for maximum data transfer speeds. Put a SIM card in, in any one of 160 countries worldwide, and you’re away.

Yes, Apple get it right again with the iPhone 6. A smart looking phone with ultra-smart technology inside. There’s nothing it can’t do and plenty it can.

Additional information
Weight 0.129 kg
Dimensions 6.9 × 6.7 × 13.81 cm

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Resolution Size

1334 x 750 pixels

Screen Size

4.7 inch

Operating System

iOS 8, upgradable to iOS 11.2

Camera Resolution

Main: 8 MP, Secondary: 1.2 MP

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