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Refurbished iPhone 6Plus All Colours
Unlocked iPhone 6 Plus – Refurbished Grade A
November 23, 2017
Refurbished iPhone 7 All Colours (2)
Unlocked iPhone 7 – Refurbished Grade A
January 23, 2018

Buy generic viagra online from canada, Can i buy viagra online in uk


Here at Max’s Deals we sell many unlocked devices that work worldwide with a GSM Sim Card. This iPhone SE is being sold in limited supply as a Grade A condition. That means it is ‘like-new’ and has been tested to ensure that it works perfectly.

It is available both in 16GB and 64GB in the following colors: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and Grey.

As always, we are proud of our 90-day return policy although we are sure you won’t be needing it.

Included is a USB wire, Sim tray tool and white gift box.

SKU: IPH-SE Categories: ,

When Apple announced the iPhone SE (“Special Edition”, in case you were wondering), the world of tech reviewers was aghast. Here, in a world of increasingly large smartphone displays, Apple pulled out yet another 4” screen. Reviewers all said it couldn’t work, surely? But then those same reviewers looked at the iPhone SE, and realised it had been a stroke of genius.

Despite what “lifestyle” magazines will tell you, bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes, big is just big, and smaller becomes the perfect size for the job. The iPhone SE might be small in size, but it is huge in power and performance.

The Background

We’d already had the iPhone 6 for some months before the release of the SE, and what a success it was. Massive sales and universal approval greeted the iPhone 6, but Apple realised they were missing a trick. They found that, everywhere they looked, iPhone 5 and 5s’ were still incredibly popular. As a result, Apple asked people why they hadn’t upgraded and the answer they got came as something of a surprise. It turned out that people didn’t always want a bigger display every time they bought a new smartphone. In apparent contradiction to the accepted norm, people really liked the smaller form factor of earlier releases.

In response, Apple went back to the old ways, with the release of the SE and its smaller screen size. Crucially, though, they also packed the inside with all the great bits from the iPhone 6s. This meant the SE actually bore no technical resemblance to any other 4” iPhone, bar the display.

What Apple Did With The iPhone SE

Amazingly, the SE contains a dual core A9 CPU and a six core graphics processor, the same as in the iPhone 6s. The fingerprint sensor from the 6 series also makes it across and is a triumph. If you’ve never used a phone with such a sensor, get ready to become even lazier. Lock and unlocking your phone without punching in a code or drawing a shape is fantastic. We all know we’re going to forget at least one of those one day.

By far the best surprise, though, is the camera. The rear camera is a 12MP beauty, capable of producing images that rival any compact camera and even some consumer dSLRs. An upgraded autofocus system, face detection, HDR and panorama shooting are all here. Even with the ability to shoot 4K video,  the surplus pixels don’t go to waste, and you can take an 8MP picture without interrupting the video recording process.

Fancy super slo-mo video? Well you can also record 720p video at 240 frames per second. Seriously, the rear camera on the iPhone SE is a remarkable achievement and deserves all the plaudits it gets.

What iPhones Have Always Done

Apple have never left anything out when it comes to connectivity, and so they haven’t with the SE. 4G/3G, Bluetooth 4.2, A_GPS and Wi-fi 802.11 ac are all here as, of course is Siri ready to do your bidding. Well, within reason, she’s a nice girl. There’s an impressive 1620mAh battery, offering an even more impressive 14 hours talk time or 10 days standby. And all the great things that iOS has always brought to the table are here, of course.

In order to keep the price down, Apple have chosen to limit the resolution of the display. As this is always one of the pricier components once you get past a certain point, this was a necessity. But, before you panic, the smaller the display, the fewer pixels are actually needed to have it looking impressive. Because of the 4” size, there was little point Apple adding another £100 just for bragging rights.

Small Size, Big Win

The iPhone SE is an iPhone 6s for people who like a smaller smartphone. No corners have been cut, and the whole thing is actually perfectly rounded. Just as we were all wondering what could be next, Apple moved forwards by looking backwards. They did it without compromise and with a ton of respect for its customer base and, for that, Apple deserve a massive amount of credit.

Sometimes, even in markets as saturated as smartphones, gaps appear. Thankfully for us all, Apple saw this and didn’t waste time filling it.

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