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[row][column size=”two-third”]We’ve all heard those voices in our heads nudging us to upgrade to a better phone. More often than not, we ignore it. Here are the top 7 reasons why you should probably start listening to those voices!

1. Your phone is slow

turtle very slow phoneThere are few things that are as annoying as a slow phone. Many people can justify their mood purely based on the performance of their phone that day. Your old phones may be running apps and and an operating system that is far too advanced for it.

When you make a calculation based on the time and stress incurred, you’ll probably realize that it is time to make the upgrade.


2. Projecting a successful self-image

If you walk into a lawyer’s office and see him talking to someone on the original iPhone that was released in 2007, I would completely understand if you walked straight out of the room without saying a word to him.

It’s a very simple calculation. Which lawyer would be comfortable using such an old phone? Obviously not a very successful one. The clothes you wear, (and in today’s world, the mobile phone you carry) say a lot about who you are.


3. You need more memory space

This is a common problem. You pack your phone with apps, pictures, and videos and after a while realize that you needed way more space than you originally anticipated.

In addition to having more space, most of the newer android phones also facilitate the option to put in your own external memory card.


4. Overheating

Overheated-iPhoneOverheating is a real issue. It occurs more often with the older models as the batteries get used up.

Phones have an expiration date.

I’ll let the conspiracy theorists decide whether the mobile phone manufacturers create them that way to generate more sales. But the fact still remains. Mobile phones don’t last for ever and the older they get, the more precarious they get.

Make sure that your phones isn’t a fire hazard. If it is getting too hot, it’s time to move on.


5. The old phone is barely usable

Sometimes the things that are too closest to us get ignored the most. It is not uncommon to overlook issues that you’ve seen too many times.

Even though I wear my watch on my wrist the entire day, I literally forget that I have to replace the cracked glass unless someone else mentions it to me.

After a year of use, our phones are usually riddled with problems and yet we get so used to improvising around the obstacles that we forget how inconvenient it is.


6. Wifi strength and performance

Have you every been hanging out together with someone else who has been using a wifi network that you can’t seem to find on your list of available networks?

That was quite a common problem for me before I upgraded, and I’m sure that most of you have been there too. A new quality phone will mean a stronger wifi receiver.


7. You want to be a part of something great

Let’s face it. Technology is advancing, and we all want to be a part of it. Aside for all the extra paraphernalia on the newer models, the latest phones will also let you tap into the latest app and games.

There’s more fun to be had with the latest phone.

Do you want to miss out on it? I don’t.


Uk Seroquel generic, Purchase Seroquel visa without prescription

The biggest obstacle stopping people from upgrading is usually their plan. They may have another year left on their plan. They may have even more.

The only way to get a new phone during a plan is to buy a new one and buying a newer model brand new is usually out of the question. It is just too expensive

That’s where Max’s Deals can help out. Located in Manchester, our warehouse specializes in high quality refurbished phones that are unlocked to all SIM card networks. Our team of experts sift through mint-condition refurbished phones, test them, and then put them for sale online.

Due to the quality of our stock, only the first buyers get to catch the sale before they are all snatched up.


What phones are HOT on Max’s Deals?

We have a lot of sales going on right now for (grade A) refurbished phones, but currently (16th July, 2015) these are a 3 hottest items:

Seroquel toronto



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